Legs is a minor non-antagonistic character in The Rewritten Nights at Freddy's


Leg's appearance of that of an 02 Endoskeleton but missing it's entire upper body, though not explained why, Legs somehow is still animate without a head and can see and hear as if he did.

Having no value to Greg, Legs was not hacked to help him kill Jake from 1AM to 6AM every night and as such possesses no threat to him, Legs is constantly being chased by Scrap Chica in a game of cat and mouse and must be kept away from her to prevent her from being capable of killing Jake, to do this Legs must be coaxed into walking into his office where he'll stand there dancing on the spot, if Scrap Chica happens to enter the office Legs must be clicked on to make him leave before the two attach as the connection overrides the safety protocols in Leg's AI allowing Scrap Chica to kill Jake.

Fun fact: Thomas wanted Legs to be a sort of waiter who would bring food to customers at day, but was later chosen not to as Jake thought it would freak people out.

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