Withered Freddy is a non-antagonistic character in The Rewritten Nights of Freddy's.

Withered Freddy.png

His appearance is identical to his debut in Five nights of Freddy's 2, being in good condition for the exception of having bits of his suit torn in places, it's this minimal damage that allowed him to be a stage performer on Stage-C instead of staying in the parts and service room.

Similar to Scrap Toy Freddy, Withered Freddy is highly unintelligent but instead of it coming from years of anger putting a strain on his mental state, it merely came from the circuit damage caused from living many years in the scrap heap, this is the reason Greg chose not to hack him as his buffoonishness would've made him unreliable to command and been a waste of his time.

From a humorous misunderstanding, when Withered Freddy sees the other animatronics try to enter Jake's office he doesn't see it as a murder attempt and as a simple game of hide and seek, for this reason whenever Withered Freddy enters Jake's office he'll try to ''Jumpscare'' him, being more of a harmless surprise while yelling ''Boo!'' it is after he thinks he won he'll leave his office and on the way will bump his head on one of the doors causing the building to lose 50% of it's power making him an unintentional danger to Jake's survival, to prevent this while Withered Freddy is staring at him from one of the doors his nose must be honked which will scare him out.

Withered Freddy can only jumpscare the player once a night.

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